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Aug. 15th, 2009 | 09:44 am
location: dining room
mood: happyhappy
music: none

Not too much to report. We had a good week although I'm really starting to run out of stuff to do. Luckily we have the pool to walk to. Yesterday we took the kids to see "Ponyo", which was outstanding. Mike and I are huge Miazaki fans. I wrote a short review on my FaceBook page if anyone is interested.

The day before, the kids and I hiked down to the Potomac River. We had a great time. I've had a work project for most of the week, so other than errands, etc. we didn't go out much. Tonight, we're going out to Gainesville to a friend of Mike's (from high school) for a party. Tomorrow we're having a dinner party with some neighbors. I plan to make a chocolate brownie trifle (with Kaulua) to bring tonight, and I'm making a selection of harvest goodies for tomorrow: tomato/basil/garlic bruscetta on fresh (home made) parmagiano/oregano baguette, tomato, cheese, vilalia onion tart, and fried zucchini fritters with garlic/cucumber (greek) yogurt dressing. Our neighbor is boiling a mess of corn and braising a beef brisket in guinness. Virginia peach cobbler for dessert.

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